Every First Step

Every first step begins with an introduction!

My name is Angela(Also known as Datura Dietrich on DeviantArt).
I’m twenty-six years old & I’m an amateur Artist & Author.

This blog is my attempt to keep the flow of information going about my self-publication attempt of my first book known as
L`ore:Legends Untold,the first book in a Trilogy which I hope to produce within the next couple of years.
I Also plan to produce an Artbook containing a collection of my most recent work and a few short-story novels,one of which pertains to my trilogy if all goes well.

But it’s not solely for that,I plan to show my art work,peeks into my life and I plan to even drop a few reviews here & there of my favorite games,movies,books and/or merchandise I find awesome or not so awesome.

Looking forward to this fun experience & to posting again shortly. 🙂


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I'm a self trained anime-style artist starting at the age of 16,I've worked hard to get to where I am now but I'm still always working to improve myself and my work. Ive had many ambitions but improving my art has always been number #1. Although In recent years I've started writing a book. My hopes are to finish & publish it within the next two years if not sooner. I've also decided to start blogging again to keep you all up to date on my progress and to drop some reviews on some of my favorite products.

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