Editor Introduction

Hello, all L`ore followers!

My name is Aim. While it may not be my true name it is what I prefer to be called. I am a long time friend of Angela’s, as well as, her editor. There is a lot that we have planned for her book. We hope to be able to share a portion of it on here with you good folk. I can’t stress enough that if you have any comments or questions to please do share them. Constructive criticism is welcome too.

While I am not sure on the range of usage I will have on here I welcome all of you.

Happy blogging!

– Aim


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I'm a self trained anime-style artist starting at the age of 16,I've worked hard to get to where I am now but I'm still always working to improve myself and my work. Ive had many ambitions but improving my art has always been number #1. Although In recent years I've started writing a book. My hopes are to finish & publish it within the next two years if not sooner. I've also decided to start blogging again to keep you all up to date on my progress and to drop some reviews on some of my favorite products.

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