Editor Introduction

Hello, all L`ore followers!

My name is Aim. While it may not be my true name it is what I prefer to be called. I am a long time friend of Angela’s, as well as, her editor. There is a lot that we have planned for her book. We hope to be able to share a portion of it on here with you good folk. I can’t stress enough that if you have any comments or questions to please do share them. Constructive criticism is welcome too.

While I am not sure on the range of usage I will have on here I welcome all of you.

Happy blogging!

– Aim


Race Concept Art Coming Soon!

In the next two weeks as long as I manage to finish them,I’ll be posting some new concept art of a few of the races that will be appearing in Lore:Legends Untold!

I already have some concept art of  my N`ore, L`ore and Dinokin Races on  Deviant Art.

(As a heads up most of my art is Adult-Oriented on my Deviant Art,but I’ll try to only  post the non-adult more finished pieces on here,if I do post any of my pin-ups i’ll be sure to link to them and put a nsfw warning rather than just posting them!)

Also in the coming weeks I’d love to do a post introducing my two wonderful editors!

Bethany;My Editor/Co-writer/Sister


Stephan;My Editor/Design Assistant/Loving Boyfriend

Hopefully I can get both of them to introduce themselves as long as their schedules permit it!

If not I’ll do a introductory post sometime in the future when their available.