Every First Step

Every first step begins with an introduction!

My name is Angela(Also known as Datura Dietrich on DeviantArt).
I’m twenty-six years old & I’m an amateur Artist & Author.

This blog is my attempt to keep the flow of information going about my self-publication attempt of my first book known as
L`ore:Legends Untold,the first book in a Trilogy which I hope to produce within the next couple of years.
I Also plan to produce an Artbook containing a collection of my most recent work and a few short-story novels,one of which pertains to my trilogy if all goes well.

But it’s not solely for that,I plan to show my art work,peeks into my life and I plan to even drop a few reviews here & there of my favorite games,movies,books and/or merchandise I find awesome or not so awesome.

Looking forward to this fun experience & to posting again shortly. 🙂